Why WLS?


With so many options out there, it can be confusing and a little daunting.  So why choose We Love Spain to travel with?  Let´s get down to what really matters to you, the traveler.

Did you know?

WLS is recommended by the Andalucía Department of Tourism!

Winner as Tour Company of the Year in Andalusia 2018, 2019 & 2020!

Jumping together on beach day trips and Excursions for International Students

Spain´s Nº1, most trusted AND most awarded travel company for international students 

Proud member of the Spanish Association for Responsable Tourism, winner of Andalucía “Tour Company of the Year” 3 years in a row, and the ONLY student agency backed by Andalucía´s Department of Tourism.

Study abroad friends in the blue streets of chefchauen on one of the Trips and Excursions for International Students

The best way to make friends, create experiences, and explore Europe & Morocco.

With over 100,000 past travellers, thousands of new friendships and even several weddings, it is clear that WLS truly brings the world together.  Oldest, longest running, & most popular tour company for trips and excursions for international students & more.

Study abroad students riding camels on the beach on one of We Love Spain´s Trips and Excursions for International Students

The safest, most professional, and best organized tour company in Spain

Due to years of experience and caring about our travelers, safety comes first.  We take all necessary precautions so that you know that you are truly being taken care of.


Erasmus students group Ronda, Spain

We Love Spain works with North American study abroad, European Erasmus students, South American Exchange, Asian Exchange, Au-pairs, International Interns, and English teachers in Spain and beyond!  In fact, we make it our goal and pride to always have multiple nationalities on our trips.


Because we know from experience that we grow and learn more as a person through social interactions and meeting as many people from as many different backgrounds as possible.  And we want that for you.

With us, you will make friends from all over the world!


We never stop hearing from customers about how well organized our trips are, thrilled with the level of professionalism, organization, and impecable service we provide.   That comes from years of experience, attention to detail, and most of all caring about the travelers.  

We are dedicated to making your trip as relaxing as possible, but safety comes first.  We take all necessary precautions such as being accompanied by Tourism Police in the Moroccan market places, emergency evacuation plans, full medical insurance, and more so that you (and your parents) know that you are truly being taken care of.

Travel with professionals. Travel safely.


Erasmus student smiling with turban on while watching the sunset on the Sahara Desert Adventure Trip

When traveling, you look for the best deal for your buck, right? Well, you just found it.


We Love Spain is dedicated to taking you the most comfortable hotels, beautiful beaches,  & best restaurants.  People constantly tell us that they can´t believe how much they got for such a small price. We love hearing it, so we continue to add more exciting details to offer you the highest quality tour.


We pride ourselves on offering the lowest possible prices. We understand you´re students and want you to experience everything you can while you are here without having to worry about your wallet.


Study abroad student camel surfing on a beach in Tangier on the Morocco Fantasy Weekend by We Love Spain

Life is a balance.  You didn´t study abroad to just party, nor did you come to be bored.   That is why we make sure that on all our tours you really learn about where you are: the history, the culture, the food, the language… without it feeling like a field trip.   At every stop you get information about each place you visit, matched perfectly with leisure, free time and entertainment. Besides having a wonderful time, you will experience, grow and learn on the trips.

Now you can go home and brag how worldly you are 😉


Forget about that knot in your stomach before clicking the “buy now” button.  We Love Spain offers, Free of charge date changes on all of our trips up to 48 hours before your departure date.  Plans change, we get it.  

Rooming change?  No problem!  Luggage restrictions?  No way.  Traveling alone?  We have a roommate for you!  Really, whatever you need, we bend over backwards.

That is the peace of mind you get when traveling with easy-going people. 


Our team is made up of incredible, fun-loving, international people from all over the world, ALL with personal experience living abroad, so they know what you are going through, what your needs are, and what you want out of your study abroad experience.

We hand pick our coordinators to make sure they are the most helpful, knowledgable, responsible, and of course, fun coordinators and friends you can have.

Together we speak over 10 languages and growing!

In a Nutshell...

You´re Going to Have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

We Love Spain Compared to Traveling on Your Own

Why Not Travel Independently?

Of course you should travel independently!  And you will.  But we believe that you should always have a balance of group travel and independent travel.   We believe strongly in group travel for a few important reasons.

1. You meet so many more people and create important bonds and friendships that you never would if you traveled with a small group of friends.

2. You get to relax.  Planning your trips is time consuming, stressful and can be exhausting.  With group travel you get to just sit back and know you´ll have a great time.

3.  When traveling independetly you are limited to what you read in your guide book.  With We Love, you are taken to unique, authentic spots that you would never know existed on your own.

4.  The price is better.  Traveling with We Love Spain means saving money. We Love Spain has very strong relationships with our providers giving you larger discounts and better prices on hotels, etc. than you would alone.

Why Choose We Love Spain

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