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Terms & Conditions

We try to be as flexible as possible so you can enjoy your trips without the stress.  That´s why we are the only company that offers short notice date change options FREE of charge.  Something has come up?  No problem!

If you have any questions, please contact info@welovespain.org

By booking any activity or trip with We Love Spain, it is automatically accepted that the Terms and Conditions have been read, understood, and agreed by the customer and no exceptions to the terms and conditions will be applied nor given.


We Love Spain is not responsible for illness, damage caused, lost items, or injuries during or after our events.  If a customer causes any damage to other person´s property or themselves, the customer is responsible for paying the damages.


When a customer makes a reservation/booking, they are obligated to fill out an online form in which they indicate which trip or event they will be participating in along with the date of that event or trip.  It is the responsibility of the customer to enter the correct information in the online form.  If a customer misses, is forced to cancel, or is refused on a trip or event due to an error in the date or any other information entered in the online form the We Love Spain will Cancellation Policy will be enforced and no exceptions will be given.

Customer Trip/Event Cancellation Policy

We Love Spain is not responsible for nor will give refunds for any trip cancellations due to illness, strikes, acts of terrorism, poor weather conditions, war, pandemic (declared by OMS) or any sudden, unpreventable events.

Customers who cancel their reservations up to 72 HOURS prior to the departure date of the excursion will receive a 50% refund of the amount paid (70% if the reason is COVID related and demonstratable). Customers who cancel their reservations 72 hours prior or less to the departure date will receive no refund under any circumstances. We Love Spain is not responsible for nor will give a refund if a customer should not show up on the day of the trip, whether it be due to sudden illness, error in entering date in online form, poor weather conditions, war, acts of terrorism, strikes, or any other unpreventable events.

All customers must notify in writing or via email if they want to cancel a trip or event.

**Instead of cancelling, customers will always be given the option to change to a future date free of charge as long as they give more than 72 hours’ notice before the trip departure.

We Love Trip/Event Cancellation/Date Change Policy.

If We Love Spain must change the date of an event whatever reason, the event will be scheduled for a later date FREE of charge.  If a customer previously booked for that event cannot attend on the new date, they will receive a full refund as long as they notify We Love Spain Staff within 72 hours of the cancellation notification.

If We Love Spain receives no notification from the customer, they are automatically assumed willing and able to attend the new date and the regular cancellation policy will be applied to the new date.

Customer Trip Date Changes

Trip date changes are allowed with 72 hours or more notice before the departure date free of any extra charges.
There are NO refunds on date changes if later decided to cancel.  The regular cancellation policy does not apply.


Refunds will only be given in person and by appointment, unless indicated otherwise by We Love Spain Management.  Refunds must be collected within 2 weeks of refund confirmation by We Love Spain management.  After 2 weeks, the refund will be cancelled and no exceptions will be given.

Changes in Itinerary

Itinerary is subject to change at any moment on the trips or during the events if unavoidable or beyond our control.  Changes may include, but are not limited to, delays in transportation due to poor weather or traffic, changes in hotel by tour operator, or changes in order of visits and tours.

Personal Travel

We Love Spain is not responsible for personal travel not included in our combined trips such as connections to origin cities.  We Love Spain is not responsible for nor will refund any costs of personal travel due to the aforementioned itinerary changes that may occur on our trips or events, or for any other reason.


Accommodation on combined overnight trips will be in double, triple, or quadruple occupancy.  A supplement charge will be applied for individual rooms and in some cases double rooms depending on the trip. Supplement charges vary.  If a traveler books a trip alone and prefers to room with another customer in order to avoid the supplement charge, we will try our best to place that traveler in a room with others, however, it is not guaranteed, and in the case that we cannot, that customer is obligated to pay the supplement charge for an individual room.  That customer will not be allowed on the trip until the supplement has been paid and the cancellation policy will be applied if they decide to cancel.

Special Requests

We Love Spain will always do its best to accommodate special requests such as rooming, bus numbers, special meals, etc.  However, special requests are not guaranteed at any moment.

Promotions and Sale Offers

1. Promotions and sales are launched within certain date periods.  The special promotion prices will not be available neither before nor after the start and end date stated.  If there is no end date stated, the promotion will expire one month after the launch date.

2. Multiple Trip Promotions are promotions where the customer receives discounts for booking multiple trips.  If a cancelation is made for one or more of the trips originally purchased in a multiple trip promotion, the refund will be cost of the trip minus the amount saved with the discount.  2.1. In order to receive the discount for the Multiple Trip Promos, trips must be purchased the same day or within 7 days of each other unless stated otherwise by We Love Spain Management.  If activity or trip is purchased outside of sale/promo period, no discount will be given.

3. Group discounts are given to groups of 10 people or more unless stated otherwise by We Love Spain Management. Group discounts will not be given to groups who have already taken advantage of other sales or promotions such as the Multiple Trip Promotions. Group discounts may be given at time of booking if the group members all pay at the same time OR members of the group can pay the regular price separately and a discount will be refunded to them once all 10 or more people have paid. Group discounts may only be claimed before trip departure.  After trip departure, no group discount refunds will be given.

4. Free trips raffled off in Free Trip Raffles are not transferable to other people who did not win, nor valid to be exchanged for money.


All taxes are included in base price of all trips and events.

Visas and ID Cards

To enter Morocco, a passport valid for the duration of stay is required by citizens of countries that do not need a visa to travel to Morocco.

To enter Portugal, a passport or ID Card valid for the duration of stay is required.  Passports and/or ID cards must be valid and up to date.

Certain nationalities are required to get a visa apart from just their passport for certain trips.  If you are not sure if you need a visa, please ask us.

We Love Spain is not responsible for any problems that may occur at customs due to an invalid or outdated passport, ID card, or visa.  Any fees that incur due to these issues will be paid by part of the customer and not We Love Spain.

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